August 31, 2021

The benefits of an eCommerce Audit

Running asuccessful eCommerce business is no child's play. Although there are limitlessperks and benefits, owners need to be extra cautious about their businesses when the internet is involved.

What is an Audit?

Auditing isthe inspection and examination of the accounts of a company to verify its truefinancial position by tallying it’s Balance Sheet and business transactions.Audits essentially help business owners fix errors and avoid frauds when itcomes to the finances and ensure the smooth functioning of all departments inthe business.


While regularsystematic inspections of a company help detect and eliminate errors to a largeextent and verify the books of accounts of the company, things are a littledifferent when it comes to eCommerce. There are several other factors apartfrom the numbers that need to be taken care of on a regular basis for thebusiness to run profitably. An eCommerceAudit takes care of these factors and helps you boost business and stayahead of the competitors.

Scope ofan eCommerce Audit

An eCommerceAudit, if performed regularly can boost the performance of your onlinebusiness, primarily by improving the overall UX experience for the customers,getting rid of security risks, and generating higher sales by attracting organictraffic to your website. It's fair to say that falling short on any of theseareas can affect a business quite significantly and keep it from achieving itsgoals.

Essential areas that must be focused on, for an effective eCommerce Audit;

Technological Infrastructure

Ensuring a robust technological infrastructure by fixing broken linksand error pages, checking the meta tags of all the pages and ensuring quickwebsite loading speed can help drive and retain customers. Having a quick anderror-free mobile-friendly website is a big win as a majority of the customersin the current day and age use their mobile devices to shop online.


Safety always comes first and being able to guarantee a 100% secureexperience from payments and customer data to logistics and returns is acrucial factor determining the success of an eCommerce business. Ensureprotection against security threats and eliminate vulnerabilities to buildstability and credibility for your business. Having valid Security Certificatesand meeting the Payment regulations is the key to a smooth functioning onlinestore.

Customer Experience

An outstanding UX design with good site architecture, error-freelinks, and high-quality media and content can provide an excellent experienceto your customers, which makes it easier for them to recommend your site tofriends and family and build trust with your company.

Product Organization

This is a vital part of eCommerce Audits. Making sure that theproducts on the website are organized in a systematic manner so that customerscan navigate easily and efficiently enhances the user experience. Ensure thecategoric organization of your products optimizes the product categories basedon consumer behavior to fine-tune the eCommerce website.

SEO Best Practices

Content is considered to be king and having a solid keyword strategyand using better relevant keywords in the content and product descriptions foryour eCommerce business can help enhance the visibility of your business byranking your website higher in the search engine listings.

Using quality backlinks and original high-quality images buildsconsumer trust and help achieve higher engagement.