Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the page that is all about ME... kinda

My past, we all have one.

I've been working in the IT industry for 13+ years and found that I love helping clients get the most out of their websites and online stores.

I combine my years of IT knowledge, a flair for design and the tutelage of some of the best retailers I know to make a beautiful and functional website or eCommerce store that converts visitors to buyers.

I have also been lucky enough to combine that with my many years of experience working internationally in IT. Working for some of the most prominent organisations in Australia and the U.K. From the Education Department in Victoria to an award-winning marketing firm in the heart of London.

Trying to visit Queenie, but she wasn't home, or at least didn't realise it was me. So sad

I love making things look goooood!

I have always loved pretty (and shiny) things, as well as anything digital or online, so web design made perfect sense to me.

Designing beautiful websites always gets me excited. I love being able to bring new designs to life. Designs that not only look amazing but also convey a message, a feeling and, most importantly, make it easy for your clients or customers to reach out to you or purchase from you. Good design makes this frictionless.

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"Here you see the photographer in their natural habitat, see the claspt hand waiting for the exposure to finish, it's imperative not to startle or walk in front of a photographer when they are in this position, or you may regret your decision."

I also really love dogs!!

I love dogs. Dogs of all ages, all sizes and all breeds, (except chihuahua's, they creep me out), but I reckon I have the 2 bestest, cutest doggo's around, Ollie and Winnie.

My handsome boy Ollie.

Meet Ollie

He is a crazy, lovable, cuddly boofhead. He loves cuddles, LOOOVVEESSSS food, and loves to play chasey.

You don't have to do much to win him over, so he isn't the best guard dog, he will do anything for a treat, or a pat, or even just to be told he is a 'good boy', even though he gets told that all the time at home.

My dog Winnie, she is a character.

Meet Winnie

Isn't she just a lady?! Well, she can be when she wants something.

Winnie is my beautiful little girl. She is hyperactive, slightly crazy but loves a snuggle when tuckered out.
She also goes crazy for a lazer pointer.